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Our Olive Oil

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Discover our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Superior quality. Made from 100% Italian olives harvested by hand and cold extracted.

The harvest

Much importance is given to the harvest, a factor that most influences the quality of a good extra virgin oil, the difference occurs when the ancient traditions are tied to the harvest, which are passed down from generation, our aim is to highlight excellence, quality and balance always respecting every single olive tree which with love gives us the best of itself.

Our Olive Grove

It develops in a hilly area; in the locality “Barone, Campo and Truscia in the municipality of S. Pietro a Maida” Eugenio, the person in charge of the activity does not leave nothing to chance, with patience and love towards tradition, based on the quality of the final product. Love and care for each individual olive three has for us a story, an experience and an indelible memory with which we compare each day.


Still as then, we carry out the harvest by hand and cold pressing this in the same day, which makes for us the difference in the quality of the final product.

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Our Olive Oil

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